West End Youth Summit (2015)

Problem How do we include youth voice in the neighborhood community plan? 

The Challenge
The neighborhood was planning for its large community vision session that would go towards the final plan. I had been sent to pass out quality of life surveys from LISC. The survey responses were becoming very consistent. Crime was a thing and they just wanted more things for the kids to do. I recognized the youth voice was missing?

The Approach
I organized an inaugural West End Youth Summit as a way to creatively get information from the youth.

The Details
Our work included:

  • Listening to residents and artists through deep interviews and focus groups

    1. Convening residents and community leaders to brainstorm ideas

    2. Coaching partners through the design and testing of a resident-led prototype

 The Impact

Through extensive research we learned that residents were interested in ways to connect to their neighbors. As a result, local artists and residents designed and led a project called High Fives, a design-it-yourself yard sign campaign where neighbors could celebrate one another.

Jasmine Humphries