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100 Blacks on Bikes:

Troubled Waters: Details Below

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Coming Spring 2019


Troubled Waters



Troubled Waters is an interactive event series that brings the antebellum slavery era of Margaret Garner into the context of modern day society in Cincinnati. This series is in recognition of the infamous Margaret Garner trial that took place in Cincinnati and made famous by Toni Morison's award winning novel and film adaptation starring Oprah and of 400 years since the first enslaved Africans arrived to what is now known as the United States of America. 

River Healing  | Sunday, August 18. 5-7PM

Energy of deep trauma, violence, and perseverance exists on Cincinnati's riverbanks and across the Ohio River Valley. Participants will line up in various locations along both sides of the Ohio river to collectively set a healing intention over the river and the land around it. 

Resistance Ride (for Margaret) | Nov 8-10

A 3 day bike-hike-camping experience that follows Margaret and Robert Garner's foot steps from a plantation in Richwood northern Kentucky into Cincinnati, OH. This is a choose your own adventure experience and is inclusive of people with various physical abilities. Adventure includes storytelling, reflection, and historical reenactments for full immersion.
Down on The River (Bonus)

This include a B&B Riverboat ride with a celebration.