Philosophy : “Never Ready, Always Prepared”

I’m always ready to go. I trust that I always have the materials and resources needed and that the people who show up are who needs to be there.

Methods: “By Any Medium Necessary”

Community Engagement, Market Research, Performance Art, Event Production, Art.. call it what you want. I choose not to limit myself to predefined methods but I do work within a framework. Every instance needs something different. Art, to me, is articulating a message using the most appropriate means because words alone can’t do it justice.

Visionary + Connector = Social Designer

I have been blessed with the gift of being able to see things that don’t exist yet. I pick up on trends long before they become adopted and I can sense what is coming next. My brain likes to store all kinds of information and process it for later use. Because of this skill, I'm able to make connections between just about any concept imaginable. It’s like a domino effect that occurs making associations until I find one that’s appropriate or relevant.


  1. Think, Sketch, Plan, Do, Repeat

  2. By Any Medium Necessary

  3. Holistic Development, not Comprehensive

I'm constantly testing out ideas and learning from them. I have a knack for high-level vision and consider myself to be a "social/civic designer". I also firmly believe that I can do anything thanks to my Girl Scout training. Each of my projects are extensions of myself and designing organizations and social systems helps me to make sense of what I learn daily, push boundaries of what we think is possible, and influence culture while testing out solutions in real time. I pick up on trends, design solutions to fill those gaps, and test it out. I'm a recruiter by nature and this ability to "sell ideas" and connect people makes this work come more easily to me.  My intent is that with these core initiatives, I can set the foundation and infrastructure for others to build upon.  All of these things help to build a "well-oiled" machine that optimizes actions taken by others to improve our neighborhoods.