Visionary + Connector = Social Designer

Jasmine C. Humphries is a Cincinnati-based social designer/artist, entrepreneur, and yogi specializing in holistic community development. She strives to help build communities from the inside-out and outside in. Her work ranges from teaching yoga, youth leadership development, to urban planning education and advocacy. Her unique ability to connect themes, concepts, and ideas allows her to:

1)connect people to each other in relevant ways

2)connect organizations to audiences

3) extract meaning that simplifies complex systems and

4) bring life to “civic art” that tells stories in unimaginable ways.

Jasmine is the co-founder of Heal ‘n Build, ViBE (Voices In the Built Environment), and Red Bike & Green- Cincinnati. Jasmine has been nationally recognized by the American Institute of Architects as a Design Justice Advocate and is a 2018 Next City Vanguard.

I have been blessed with the gift of being able to see things that don’t exist yet. I pick up on trends long before they become adopted and I can sense what is coming next. My brain likes to store all kinds of information and process it for later use. Because of this skill, I'm able to make connections between just about any concept imaginable. It’s like a domino effect that occurs making associations until I find one that’s appropriate or relevant.

Jasmine C. Humphries’ motto is “Never ready but always prepared.” She is a young community builder and budding social entrepreneur and you may know her by her recent project, Who “They” Is. A native of Cincinnati, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of Cincinnati and completed the Summer Institute in Environmental Design at UC Berkeley. Jasmine takes a holistic approach to community building; building from the inside and out. She believes that in order to achieve and maintain equity, we must physically build it into our infrastructure.  That’s exactly why Jasmine is on a mission to spread awareness of the implications that urban design has on our daily lives and to diversify the pipeline into urban planning and built environment industries such as construction, commercial real estate, architecture, transportation, and related industries that physically build our communities. Jasmine also believes that healthy people build healthy, sustainable communities and is a certified yoga teacher and holistic coach.
Jasmine is a proud product of her environment, having been nurtured by her parents Robert & Jacqueline and many village keepers. She’s the first graduate of the Avondale Youth Council and is a Girl Scout Gold Award recipient, the highest honor in Girl Scouts. Life came full circle on her 24th birthday, when she began a year of service on as an AmeriCoprps VISTA working at LISC where she learned the ins and outs of community development. Shortly after starting, she was inspired to share this newly acquired knowledge with youth, grabbed a couple of like-minded friends, and started a pilot summer program, VIBE(Voices In the Built Environment), in 2015 with a few months of planning and a shoe string budget. Later that year, she planned and organized the Inaugural West End Youth Summit as a way to engage youth in the neighborhood and to creatively collect information, such as screenplays with the Cincinnati Film Society, that could be used for the neighborhoods larger community plan. With inspiration from the summit, in 2016, Jasmine went on to win a $10,000 project grant from People’s Liberty for Who “They” Is, with a goal of humanizing and demystifying “They” as a means to empower youth to feel like they can make changes where they live. In a matter of 6 weeks, 20 youth from around greater Cincinnati came together to build a park and discover who “they” is only to realize that they.. are already “they.”
While teaching a teen yoga class at Hirsch Recreation Center, one student after waking from shavasana even told her that she has “magical mats,” a sentiment that showed her the need for more stillness in the lives of our troubled youth.
Jasmine has served as a project grant juror for the Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation and for People’s Liberty. She continues to serve with community groups and friends whenever she can.  She also hosts dinners with other like-minded young adults to build a community of support because, well, the struggle is real.

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Awards and Recognitions

  • 2018 Next City Vanguard (National)

  • 2018 AIA Design Justice Advocate (National)

  • Bright Award honoree- Cincinnati Herald and African American Chamber

  • Keynote Speaker for ArtWorks Summer staff training (2017)

  • Mistress of Ceremonies for Community Police Partnership Awards (2017)

  • Story Teller- Cincy Stories and Cincy Story Tellers Project

  • 2016 & 2017 Cincinnati Neighborhood Summit, Planning Committee member and workshop facilitator

Strength Finders: Relator, Activator, Strategic, Connectedness, Command