J.C. Humphries

storyteller, yoga teacher, philosopher, problem solver, strategist, urbanist, explorer, data nerd, bike advocate, placemaker, intuitive, visionary



I am a social designer, entrepreneur*, and yoga teacher based in my hometown of Cincinnati, OH. My personal and professional platform is grounded in holistic community development, meaning that I carefully aim to help shape communities from the inside-out while seamlessly weaving together wellness, justice, and urban planning advocacy. I spend most of my time thinking and philosophizing about social problems from different angles in order to push new thinking or help others to understand systems better. A storyteller at the core, my unique ability to connect themes, concepts, and ideas allows me to create dope work with individuals and organizations. I’m also a 2018 Next City Vanguard Fellow and American Institute of Architects Design Justice Advocate.

*I only call myself an entrepreneur because it works for other people.

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JC Works

Some artists paint with pastels, I paint with people. Portfolio(pdf)

If you don’t know the language of the world around you, then you can’t articulate your experience. If you can’t articulate your experience, then you can’t advocate for yourself or others

Events & Experiences


Coming Summer 2019

Troubled Waters is an interactive event series that brings the antebellum slavery era of Margaret Garner into the context of modern day society in Cincinnati.